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ACL access control list

ADK application development kit

ADO ActiveX Data Objects

ADSL asymmetric digital subscriber line

ADT application development toolkit

ANSI American National Standards Institute

API application programming interface

APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASP Active Server Pages

ATM asynchronous transfer mode

A/V audio/video

AVI Audio-Video Interleaved

BASCOM Basic Compiler

Basic Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

BBS bulletin board system

BFTP Broadcast File Transfer Protocol

BID board interface driver

BIFF Binary Interchange File Format

BIOS basic input/output system

BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communications Protocol

BSC Binary Synchronous Communications Protocol

BSMS billing and subscriber management system

CBT computer-based training

CD compact disc

CDS Circuit Data Services

CD-ROM compact disc read-only memory

CGA color/graphics adapter

CGI Common Gateway Interface

CIS computer information systems

CISC complex instruction set computer

CMC 1. Continuous Media Controller
2. Common Messaging Calls (MAPI term)

CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor

CMS continuous media server

CMY cyan-magenta-yellow

CMYK cyan-magenta-yellow-black

COM Component Object Model

CPI-C Common Programming Interface for Communications

CPU central processing unit

CR/LF carriage return/line feed

CRT cathode-ray tube

CSR customer service representative

CTI Computer-Telephony Integration

DAE data access engine

DAO Data Access Object

DAT digital audio tape

DBCS double-byte character set

DBMS database management system

DCE distributed computing environment

DCOM distributed version of Component Object Model

DDBMS distributed database management system

DDE Dynamic Data Exchange

DDI Device Driver Interface

DDL data definition language

DES Data Encryption Standard

Dfs distributed file system

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DIB device-independent bitmap

DIF Data Interchange Format

DLC Data Link Control

DLL dynamic-link library

DMOD dynamic address module

DNA [Windows] Distributed interNet Applications [Architecture]

DNS 1. Domain Name System
2. Domain Name Server

DOS disk operating system

DSP digital signal processor

DSS 1. decision support system
2. digital satellite system

DVD digital video disc

EA extended attributes

ECC electronic credit card

EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture

EGA enhanced graphics adapter

EPS encapsulated PostScript

FAQ frequently asked questions

FAT file allocation table

FAX facsimile

Fortran Formula Translation

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FTS Financial Transaction Services

GDI Graphics Device Interface

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

GPI graphics programming interface

GUI graphical user interface

GUID globally unique identifier

HAL hardware abstraction layer

HBA host bus adapter

HDLC High-level Data Link Control

HMA high-memory area

HPFS high-performance file system

HROT host running object table

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IBN interactive broadband network

ICP independent content provider

IDE 1. integrated device electronics
2. integrated development environment

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

IFS installable file system

IHV independent hardware vendor

IISAM installable indexed sequential access method

I/O input/output

IOCTL I/O control

IOS integrated office system

IP Internet Protocol

IPC interprocess communication

IPX/SPX Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange

IRC Internet Relay Chat

IS Information Services

ISA Industry Standard Architecture

ISAM indexed sequential access method

ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface (or Internet Server API)

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISO International Standards Organization

ISV independent software vendor

ITV interactive TV

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

LADDR layered-architecture device driver

LAN local area network

LCD liquid crystal display

LDTR local descriptor table register

LED light-emitting diode

LISP List Processor

LRPC lightweight remote procedure call

LU Logical Unit

MAC media access control

MAN metropolitan area network

MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface

MASM Macro Assembler

MCA Micro Channel Architecture

MCGA multicolor graphics array

MCI Media Control Interface

MDA monochrome display adapter

MDI multiple-document interface

MFC Microsoft Foundation Classes

MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDL Microsoft Interface Definition Language

MIF Management Information Format

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MIPS millions of instructions per second

MIS management information systems

MITV Microsoft Interactive TV

MMOSA Microsoft multimedia operating system architecture

MMS Microsoft Media Server

MMU memory management unit

MOF Managed Object Format

MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group

MS Microsoft

MSBDN Microsoft Broadcast Data Network

MSMQ Microsoft Message Queue Server

MSN The Microsoft Network

MSO multiple service operator

MTA message transfer agent

NA not applicable, not available

NAC network adapter card

NAN not a number

NCB network control block

NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications

NDIS network driver interface specification

NDK network development kit

NetBEUI NetBIOS Enhanced User Interface

NetBIOS network basic input/output system

NFS network file system

NIC network interface card

NIK network integration kit

NLS national language support

NMI nonmaskable interrupt

NOS network operating system

NT New Technology

NTFS NTFS file system

NTSC National Television System Committee

OCR optical character recognition

ODBC Open Database Connectivity

ODL Object Description Language

ODS Open Data Services library

OEM original equipment manufacturer

OIS office information system

OLE object linking and embedding

OOFS object-oriented file system

OOM out of memory

OOP object-oriented programming

ORPC object remote procedure call

OSI Open Systems Interconnection

PANS pretty amazing new stuff (or services)

PAR Product Assistant Request

PARC Palo Alto Research Center

PC personal computer

PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PDC Primary Domain Controller

PDF 1. Portable Document Format file
2. Package Definition File

PERT program evaluation and review technique

PFF Printer File Format

PIF program information file

PIN personal identification number

POTS plain old telephone service

PPV pay per view

PROM programmable read-only memory

PSU power supply unit

QA quality assurance

QBE query by example

RAID 1. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
2. retrieval and information database (Microsoft only)

RAM random access memory

RAS 1. remote access server
2. Remote Access Service

RBA 1. relative byte address
2. resource-based approach

RDBMS relational database management system

RFT revisable form text

RGB red-green-blue

RIFF Resource Interchange File ofrmat

RIP 1. Routing Information Protocol
2. Remote Imaging Protocol
3. Raster Image Processor

RIPL remote initiation program load

RISC reduced instruction set computer

ROM read-only memory

ROM BIOS read-only memory basic input/output system

RPC remote procedure call

RTF Rich Text Format

SAA Systems Application Architecture

SAF [SQL] Server Administration Facility

SAMI Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange

SAP Service Advertising Protocol


SBCS single-byte character set

SCSI small computer system interface

SDK software development kit

SDLC synchronous data link control

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

SIC standard industry classification

SIG special interest group

SIMM single inline memory module

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol

SMB server message block

SMP symmetric multiprocessing

SMS system management software

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA Systems Network Architecture

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SPI service provider interface

SQL Structured Query Language

STB set-top box

SVC switched virtual circuit

SVGA super video graphics adapter

TAPI Telephony API

TBD to be determined

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TIFF Tagged Image File Format

TP transaction processing

TSPI Telephony Service Provider Interface

TSR terminate-and-stay-resident

TTY/TDD teletype/telecommunication device for the deaf

TV television

UDP User Datagram Protocol

UI user interface

UMB upper memory block

UNC universal naming convention

UPC universal product code

UPS uninterruptible power supply

URL Uniform Resource Locator

UTC coordinated universal time

UUID universally unique identifier

VAR value-added reseller

VAT value-added tax

VBA Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

VCPI virtual control program interface

VCR video cassette recorder

VGA video graphics adapter

VIO video input/output

VM virtual memory

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language

VSAM virtual storage access method (or memory)

VSD vendor-specific driver

VTP virtual terminal program

WAN wide area network

WBEM Web-based Enterprise Management

WOSA Windows Open Services Architecture

WWW World Wide Web

WYSIWYG what you see is what you get

XCMD external command

XML Extensible Markup Language

XMS extended memory specification

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